When Life Gives You Lemons

As cool as 2010 was, there still were crappy things happening.  No one could escape the suckiness that lurked throughout the year, and it seems as though it has filtered it way into 2011.  I was hoping that things would look up, that this would be my year for way better things.  2009 I moved into the most beautiful city.  2010, I met the love of my life.  2011, well…would just be SO. MUCH. BETTER.  Turns out, not so much.

First, a distant friend falls ill. Then, I dislocate my should. A friend of mine finds out that she’s losing her job.  Another friend’s relationship ends.  A jerk-face butthole breaks into my car.  The distant friend passes away.  I couldn’t travel 6 hours to visit my friend because finances aren’t in my favor today.  I am really hoping that the Universe changes its mind and things start going my way.

There are things in life you can and cannot control. Of those that I cannot, I say, EFF YOU things I can’t control! Of those that I can, I really need to start acting on not being afraid to take the reigns on them, and really make the most of them.

So Cheers to you, 2011…This will only make me stronger!

Another Reason To Love San Francisco

As I logged onto Facebook for the trilionth time today, I stumbled upon a friend’s photo on the stalke – AHEM – news feed. It has come to my attention that a lot of the people I know who live here in San Francisco are just as proud of this town as I am. Yes, I am proud of you, stranger from the sidewalk, who shows exactly how friendly and thoughtful we are to the rest of our country. Thank you stranger, thank you.

Gnomeo, Gnomeo, Where For Art Thou, Gnomeo?

(photo brought to you by Maggie Mason, aka, Might Girl)

So while I was in Nashville, Evanne brought us to the Vanderbilt bookstore to pick up some souvenirs to bring back home. She kindly pointed out that they had lucky gnomes dressed in Vandy gear for sale…That’s when I did it. I had to confess. I just had to!

I have a secret love of gnomes. YES. I KNOW. Creepy, right? But they are just so cute! Plus, there is that new animated film coming out called Gnomeo & Juliet, and I think it’s soo cute, and I really want to see it! OK, so there. You’ve got it. My secret’s out. I LOVE GNOMES. With that piece of information in mind, I will tell you how stoked I was when I came home from my trip and found out that Maggie Mason of Might Girl has teamed up with Expedia for some fun adventures. Check out the link below the photo to follow her travel & food stories with the Gnome!) Seeing her photos made me smile, and a little bit jealous as well…That whore! (KIDDING!!!!!) She is super awesome, and I’m super stoked to read more about her travels!  Also, if anyone I know is reading this…A gnome would be nice, once in a while…

Visiting Nashville…

Typing to you with one hand…Sometimes two…

My injury has taken away a lot of my abilities, but not my spirits!!! No runs, only a couple of drinks (meds + booze = pas bon!) Kendall (roommate #1) and I are visiting our old roommate Evanne, who is now studying at Vanderbilt to get her master’s in education. I have never been to The South before, so I am super stoked to be here. It’s just unfortunate that I am slightly medicated and handicapped. No riding tractors pour moi! 😉

The only disadvantage is going to the honky tonks with my arm in a cast/sling. Last night we went to Broadway and visited a a few honky tonks. First stop was Tootsie’s. Great band was playing, but MAN. Attempting to walk through the crowd was like trying to walk through quick sand. Did not work well. We finally got to the bar, and well, getting to know strangers isn’t exactly the way I would explain this. I kind of felt as if I had a one night stand with two men sitting next two each other. With their wives in tow. My front, their knees, and a vodka soda with no vodka. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that. 😉 Let your imagination flow!

My arm was not in a view of people’s eye levels, and we were AT A BAR. Thus, no one could see the fact that my warm was IN A SLING! So I had people pushing me this way, pushing me that way, grabbing my arm (OUCH!), and bumping and grinding into my knee, my arm, my back…whatever was available. I swear, get some booze in people and some good ole honky tonk and you have no idea what’s hit you! (No offense to Southerners who like Honky Tonk…Just to those who enthusiastically violated me and continually hurt my arm. )

Other than drunks at the Honky Tonks, Southerners in Nashville are super nice. Very respectful, friendly, and always welcome a smile. I’ll end this for now, and share more later. All I really have to share is I’m that enjoying my time here, but I can’t wait to go back to California. I want my bed, I want my arm to be better, I want to get back to work, and I want my life to be normal again! Gaaaaah!!!!