Please Like

Tonight’s Giants Game supported LGBT youth.  I was so proud to be there tonight (although sad that we lost to the Cubs) and so proud to see the Giants’ It Gets Better video on the jumbo screen.  As I checked Facebook back at home, I noticed a friend liked a link for the Montgomery- Duban family. I admire their courage, and enthusiasm for life and love. Go to Facebook and like their page!


Another Reason To Love San Francisco

As I logged onto Facebook for the trilionth time today, I stumbled upon a friend’s photo on the stalke – AHEM – news feed. It has come to my attention that a lot of the people I know who live here in San Francisco are just as proud of this town as I am. Yes, I am proud of you, stranger from the sidewalk, who shows exactly how friendly and thoughtful we are to the rest of our country. Thank you stranger, thank you.