More Puppies!!!!

These two crazy puppies wanted to go on a walk. In the rain. In the COLD, COLD, rain. Lucky for me, the rain simmered down to a drizzle and all was good in the world…Except for my cold ears. But how can you resist these twoo faces?!?!?

Nulla Darling

The sweetest baby of a dog…So gentle, so quiet, except when she trots down the hall…She sounds like she is tap dancing and it’s just so unbelievably cute!!! Sorry the photo isn’t so great, it’s from my iPhone…but still, her cuteness goes beyond the poor quality of the photo!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock…

It’s about that time…Most of the people my age that I know are engaged, married, pregnant, or already raising their beautiful children. WARNING! WARNING! Confessions about to be revealed!!!

I want to have a family. I want someone to go to sleep with at night and wake up to in the morning. I feel very fortunate that I have amazing friends and the greatest family. They may not be perfect, but they are mine and they are always there for me, through thick and thin. Since my sister gave birth to her son, Tyler, I have been so in love and so devoted to making sure that he is loved. He has so much love coming from all of us in his family, he can definitely afford to share it others. That’s how much we love him! I’ve told my sister quite a few times, that her son is the BEST gift anyone has ever given me. Yes, he’s not MINE, he’s just my nephew. Every moment that I spend with him is like heaven, at least, what I imagine a heaven would be like.

I look at my sister, and see the life that she has created and YES, I am jealous. I want that! I want a family of my own! I want a little nugget of my own! Only thing is…the thought of having an alien life form developing inside my body is the most terrifying thing I can ever imagine. I mean, they KICK. KICK! From the inside! THEY HAVE FINGERNAILS!!!! (thank you, Diablo Cody) Women POOP on the table as the baby is shooting out of their VAGINA. GROSS!!!!! 🙂 I cannot imagine me getting preggo anytime soon, but it scares me to think that there is the possibility that I could live my whole entire life marriageless, and childless.

Tonight I watched The Blindside with my mother. The sweetest story and I cried all the way through. That woman just opened up her heart, her home, her family and her entire life to a complete stranger. People here barely say thank you when you hold the door open for them. They don’t even use their turn signals!!! First, I know it happens a lot, but I am still shocked that a person can treat their child like they are a pair of shoes. Second, I am so amazed that someone could so generous and give a strange child a chance at love, a new life, and a family. Of course it’s inspiring. Leigh Anne Tuohy is who I aspire to be. Not EXACTLY her, but someone who is so courageous, loving, strong, brave, and caring. Someone who sees the best in human kind and is not afraid to show it. Watching those characters interact as a family on screen I thought “I want that. I really want that. I want a family of my own, and I want to inspire people.” Maybe not on a huge scale like that…That’s a tough act to follow. Just a little, like inspiring my own family or friends.

Anywho, the point of this…I follow a lot of mommy bloggers…Not because I want to be a mom, but because they also write about non-mommy stuff, and they’re pretty damn cool. Along the way, someone created this cool site called Momversations and all the mommy and daddy bloggers get together and video tape themselves to converse with each other on specific topics. The one I share with you below asks “What would you be doing now had you not become a parent? What would your life be like?” Of course, I cannot reflect on those questions because of the obvious. But it did make me think about my future. What IF I don’t get the chance to make a family of my own? What if I don’t get to experience what it’s like to raise a child of my own? Force them to eat thin mint cookies and watch old episodes of Full House and Saved By The Bell with me? But what if I do get that chance? What WOULD my life be like then?

Life Choices: What Would You Be Doing if You Weren't a Mom?

All You Need Is Wubs

Thank you Beatles, for sharing your gift of song to the world. Thanks to Starbucks, my nephew learned the song “All You Need Is Love”…However he hasn’t quite mastered speaking clearly yet, so “love” is now “wubs”…Doesn’t matter because when he sings that song with you, WUBS IS ALL YOU NEED.

Santa! Santa! Santa!!!!!!

This is the first year that my nephew has really had a grasp of Christmas and who Santa Claus is…Let me tell you…for a little boy who’s response is always “But we NEED to buy this!!!”, waiting for presents from Santa is EXTREMELY difficult.

He’s only 3 and 1/2.

I spent the night at my sister and brother in law’s place last night, and was very happy to experience the Nugget’s first “cognisant” Christmas. He could NOT wait to open up his presents. Getting him to bed was difficult for my sister, but when she warned him that a certain “boogie man” might come over if he didn’t fall asleep, he closed his eyes almost right away. After finally opening Santa’s presents in the morning, he turned towards the Christmas Tree and said “But we NEED more presents under the Christmas Tree!!” His dad then replied, “Well, do you want to return this presents and get new ones?” What does Tyler say, “Yes Daddy!”

Oh geez. They have created a MONSTER.

As we waited for my parents to arrive at the other grandparents’ home, Tyler was so fussy, asking “Can we open presents now????” So impatient that boy, but when you look at his face, it’s so hard to say no! Would you be able to?

What’s Yours Is Mine & What Mine is Yours

I got my roommate SICK!!!!! Well, I don’t know if I got her sick…I feel soo bad! I’m hoping hers won’t be as bad mine was. Almost two weeks I was out! Tonight I loaded her with drugs, I hope they help her. I still have my cough, and I realized, NO singing in the car for me! What a bummer! Haha, since no one really APPRECIATES the wonders of my voice, I’m forced to sing in my car ONLY. Tonight I was belting out with Lady Gaga, and well…Let’s just say I still need my Cold-eeze and hot tea.

On to the GOOD news! Our heater is working!!! After multiple calls to our landlord trying to convince him that really, REALLY, our heater wasn’t working, he sent someone to fix it. Best feeling ever!!! But really, the best thing to happen after our heater finally working, is getting to sit for Isis again. She is the sweetest Siberian Husky, and I absolutely LOVE her to death. The feeling I get when I spend a lot of time with animals is just so overwhelming. It’s indescribable. This weekend, I don’t know why, was really especially awesome with her. I think because the more I sit for her the more she trusts me, and I get to know her better. She has the funniest personality. She’s not the kind to like guys over girls, or adults to children. She’s completely indifferent. She hates a big fuss, but freaks out when she hasn’t seen you in a long time. And when she’s in my car, she puts her head in between the side of the car and my headrest, just close enough rest her head on my shoulder. So precious!! Plus the way she curls up on my bed at night…Well, it’s kind of like this…so effing cute!!!