Day 24 | Because I Am Thankful…

No matter where we are, what we are doing, or who we are with, I am reminded everyday that family is the best thing in my life. Whether they are blood or not, my family is always there. They are the first ones I run to, the first ones I cry to, and the first ones I celebrate with. I am proud of my family, and I couldn’t imagine my life without any of them. I thank you all for loving me, supporting me, and allowing me to be the dork that I am. You are the best family a girl could ask for. I love you!

Day 21 | Because I Am Thankful…

I suck. I’ve missed a few days. Here I go!

21. Strangers. You never when one will make you smile and make your day better.
20. Best friends. Have I mentioned them before?
19. Concerts. Just another way to bond with my sisters. 
18. Yum Yum Hunan 🙂
17.  Home cooked meals. Even if they’re semi-home made.
16. Kickball. Awesome friends, awesome times.
15. Just because it’s Tuesday.

The Lady Is A LAWYER!!!!!!!!!

She passed the bar!!!! One of my closest friends of over 10 years, found out this evening at 6:00 PM that she passed the California State Bar Examination!!!!! She has become a sister to me, and I couldn’t be more proud. Before law school, we talked and hung out like it was the end of the world. Okay, not THAT much. But a lot. We did. The day she started law school, I knew I wouldn’t talk to her for another three years. Now is the time; no fretting, no spazzing. No bailing out on city nights BECAUSE SHE HAS TO STUDY! For now, it’s time to party, and party we will! We get to celebrate tomorrow night, along with my sister Bea, we will be rock’n out to THE SOUNDS!!! I really can’t wait, and I know that we are going to have an awesome time. Yeah!!!

Congrats my love, I I am so proud!!!!!!!!!

Day 15 | Because I am Thankful…

My two oldest best friends are just a text message, phone call, email away…

My two newest best friends are only 4 blocks away…

(You aren’t limited to the amount of besties, but it is quality, not quantity…)

All of them make me smile when I need it most, tell the best jokes when I need it most, and are there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on.

They are my friends,  and they love me, just because I am me.

I love you 🙂

Because I Am Thankful…

A family member of mine has been posting on facebook what she is thankful for every day since November 1. Taking note from her, I will from this day forward do the same, until the end of the month. So, since it has been 14 days, here are 14 things that I am thankful for:

14. Major League Baseball. I bleed orange and black.
13. Ikea!!!!!! Bringing me closer to my roots, hehehe.
12. Cherry Carmex.
11. Reading Rainbow. Because of you and my sister, I never leave home without a good book.
10. The Muni bus drivers. Keeping me safe from sleeping passengers and moth balls.
9. Gabrielle Reece. She’s my idol.
8. The Television industry. Keeping my nightly calendar full 🙂
7. Pepperidge Farms…Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, little fishies into my mouth!
6. Rain. Too many dry, sunny days make Adrienne a dull girl.
5. The sun, the moon, the stars…From them, art, music and life is born.
4. My nieces and nephews…I can’t image a life without your smiles and your giggles!
3. My boyfriend. You are my heart and soul.
2. My best friends. Without you, I would not know warmth.
1. My family. Without them, I am alone.