Please Like

Tonight’s Giants Game supported LGBT youth.  I was so proud to be there tonight (although sad that we lost to the Cubs) and so proud to see the Giants’ It Gets Better video on the jumbo screen.  As I checked Facebook back at home, I noticed a friend liked a link for the Montgomery- Duban family. I admire their courage, and enthusiasm for life and love. Go to Facebook and like their page!


My New Light…

I simply cannot stop staring at this little one.  I stopped by my sister’s place this evening and spent some great one-on-one time with Ellie, and let me tell you! Ellie is probably the funniest little baby I have ever met.  The faces she makes are so cute and so ridiculous, she makes my cheeks hurt.  When I left my sister’s place, I was nothing but smiles and nothing could get me down.  I just love this little one!!!

Birthday Wish List…

My absolute favorite, Vanilla & Anise. Makes me want to eat myself I smell so delicious. I have had my bottle for almost two years, and it’s slowly meeting its death. I try to use it sparingly, bu- what? Sparingly? Are you kidding me? I am totally lying to you. I use it every single day, and it’s hard not to spray every room I go into or every pillow I own. Or every neighbor I see.