I Said Yes!

It’s been 15 years since we first laid eyes on each other and knew that we’d be in each other’s weddings. Thank you Kelly Michelle, for asking me to be a part of your most special day!!



Birthday Wish List…

I am DYING to find out what happens next! Hunger Games hooked me, and now I want more. Thank you Kelly Michelle for introducing me to this series! 🙂

Keeping It Old School…

It’s been 11 years…11 years ago tonight, we said goodbye to you, although we have not forgotten you. I love you with all of my heart, and I thank you for giving me your friendship, your light, your spirit. The photo above was our last happy moment together, and I will cherish it always. Sappy I know, but it’s true.  🙂

To all my friends, I love you.

Visiting Nashville…

Typing to you with one hand…Sometimes two…

My injury has taken away a lot of my abilities, but not my spirits!!! No runs, only a couple of drinks (meds + booze = pas bon!) Kendall (roommate #1) and I are visiting our old roommate Evanne, who is now studying at Vanderbilt to get her master’s in education. I have never been to The South before, so I am super stoked to be here. It’s just unfortunate that I am slightly medicated and handicapped. No riding tractors pour moi! 😉

The only disadvantage is going to the honky tonks with my arm in a cast/sling. Last night we went to Broadway and visited a a few honky tonks. First stop was Tootsie’s. Great band was playing, but MAN. Attempting to walk through the crowd was like trying to walk through quick sand. Did not work well. We finally got to the bar, and well, getting to know strangers isn’t exactly the way I would explain this. I kind of felt as if I had a one night stand with two men sitting next two each other. With their wives in tow. My front, their knees, and a vodka soda with no vodka. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that. 😉 Let your imagination flow!

My arm was not in a view of people’s eye levels, and we were AT A BAR. Thus, no one could see the fact that my warm was IN A SLING! So I had people pushing me this way, pushing me that way, grabbing my arm (OUCH!), and bumping and grinding into my knee, my arm, my back…whatever was available. I swear, get some booze in people and some good ole honky tonk and you have no idea what’s hit you! (No offense to Southerners who like Honky Tonk…Just to those who enthusiastically violated me and continually hurt my arm. )

Other than drunks at the Honky Tonks, Southerners in Nashville are super nice. Very respectful, friendly, and always welcome a smile. I’ll end this for now, and share more later. All I really have to share is I’m that enjoying my time here, but I can’t wait to go back to California. I want my bed, I want my arm to be better, I want to get back to work, and I want my life to be normal again! Gaaaaah!!!!

Here Comes The Sun

This month we celebrated your life; the beautiful life that was taken away from you so suddenly, 10 years ago. Cheers to you, for giving me the best smile I’ve ever seen. The best laugh I’ve ever heard. The best friends I’ve ever had. I love you. I miss you.