Reasons Why Living in San Francisco Kicks Ass

1) I drive by PACBELL (can’t call it anything BUT that) Park every day on my way home.

2) The view of the Bay Bridge, Treasure Island and Alcatraz remind me how lucky I am to live in such a great area.

3) Driving through China Town to see grandfathers with no teeth walking their granddaughters home from school 😉

4) Seeing trolleys dragged by tow trucks…

5) Living right next to a liquor store and a wine bar/café.

***the list will continue…

Little Voices

My three year old nephew, Tyler, has a cold right now…He has the cutest nasal voice right now!!! I don’t know what it is, but it just brings me to my knees. I know he’s sick, and that sucks, but his voice just kills me!! Instead of calling my sister “Mommy” she is now “Bobby” and “don’t” is “booon’t!!!”

He also is not able to say his “R’s”…Sahara becomes “SahaWara”…add that nasal voice and it’s the cutest thing ever!!!!