Goddess In Human Form

Meeting Kelly Cutrone on my street in San Francisco…One of the best gifts the Universe has provided me this year. At a point in my life where I can’t believe that I am anything but subhuman, and so many of my friends are pushing me, supporting, and encouraging me to get to where I want to go. Reading her book, If You Have To Cry, Go Outside, although some people may think it’s an easy way to make a buck, such a great way to get people, like me, out of my shell. I was once super confident about who I was, and where I could go, and what I could get. Now, not so much. I look inward to find that strength again – however it helps so much to have the friends that I am LUCKY To have, and have people like Kelly Cutrone to give great advice, and just be real. So anyway…Yes, meeting Kelly Cutrone – AWESOME! Hopefully this will be the fire under my ass to get my life going…

Here Comes The Sun

This month we celebrated your life; the beautiful life that was taken away from you so suddenly, 10 years ago. Cheers to you, for giving me the best smile I’ve ever seen. The best laugh I’ve ever heard. The best friends I’ve ever had. I love you. I miss you.


Missing Out

My sister took this photo at the family house up in Mendocino this weekend – I totally missed out!! Trips up the Mendocino are always the best. Surrounded by beauty, away from sirens, stupid drivers, phones ringing, and neighbors screaming. There USED to be a gorgeous view of the Pacific, but SOMEONE decided to build a house there. The silence at night is deafening, but it’s what I crave when I’m in the city or in suburbia. Creepiness factor: the pitch black night staring at me through the windows of whatever bedroom I sleep in and reminds of that movie with Liv Tyler…The Strangers. You know the one, with the group of psychos that kills for fun. OK, so I have not watched it, but still it’s scary! Imagine being in the middle of a forest and anxiety is like a flurry when all you can think about is “When will I see a face in the window?” Haha, yes my imagination runs wild. It happens when you’re surrounded by beauty. You just can’t NOT think about fun and crazy things.