Long Time No See

I promised myself that I would write more. I promised! Every day I come across something that I see online, on the newsstand, or something funny/crazy/annoying in my neighborhood, and I think “Hey, I should totally write about this!” As always, I say “yes, when I get back to the apartment, I am totally going to write.” What happens? Nothing. Weeks later, I still haven’t written anything. So now, I lay in bed pushing myself to finally put some words on paper [screen]…

This weekend was definitely unforgettable. The Dude and I went to two weddings, both of which for very important people in our lives. The first was on Friday, for our neighbours. They got married in City Hall here in San Francisco; however, due to work, we were available for the reception only. A small party, however, such an amazing experience. So many people were able to speak and make a toast to the wonderful couple. We thought the toasts were never going to end!  Although the speech portion was longer than usual, we enjoyed listening to every anecdote, every word of wisdom and affection. Friday night, I realized how much we get so wrapped up in our own little worlds, and we aren’t aware of the impact that we have on the people around us. Every person at the reception had such heart-warming things to say about our neighbours. They have all learned so much, been inspired, and felt the love that those two have for each other. From the friend that knew them before they were, well, “them” – to the younger sister who looks up to her older brother almost as a father figure. Tears just would not stop flowing from my eye sockets!

Cut to yesterday in Nevada City, and I am surrounded by several of my best friends from high school, watching our favourite English teacher’s daughter get married. Yep, that one! That beautiful smile radiating so much love and joy was a great site to see as she walked down that aisle. We even had two Green Peace Volunteers for this special occasion. I so enjoyed being surrounded by the people who know me best, and watching our dear friend dive into her new adventure with her best friend.

Yes, I know I sound completely lovey dovey and totally on drugs, but I can’t help it! When you are surrounded by so much love with some of the most important people in your life, you can’t help but feel a little high on life. These were the last two out of four weddings, and I have to admit, I’m a bit tuckered out.

Cheers to a wonderful summer of love, and a fresh Fall!

Accepting The Price Of Admission…


Recently viewed this on Jon Armstrong’s site, and honestly, dude speaks the truth. Price of admission is definitely going into effect in my home. When you’ve found your “perfect” person, don’t eff it up. Admitting that there is a price of admission will only make you stronger. Thank you Mr. Armstrong, for sharing these words of wisdom 🙂

What Are You Doing NYE?

What are YOU doing NYE? I am fortunate enough to spend the evening with my wonderful friends in San Francisco. Would be better with ALL of my besties and my family, but you know, I can’t have my cake and eat it too. At least, not yet. 😉 Please enjoy the musical stylings of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt (yeah, the 3rd Rock kid!). Pretty rad, and I must say…makes me want to get some karaoke (please think Ross from Friends when you read that word) on tomorrow night!!!