When The Rain Falls Down

The past two weeks have been amazing. Rain has been pouring. The grass is greener and I’ve been smiling more and more! I don’t really understand how people don’t like the rain. It’s so wonderful! The air smells so fresh…It’s just such a great thing! Almost every night I’ve been falling asleep to the pouring rain and it’s amazing. I just can’t stop gushing!! SO I ask you Gaia, please keep the rain coming!!!


As I type, I am bundled in a sweater, scarf, and fingerless mittens. WHY does it have to be SO FUCKING COLD? Also, our heater doesn’t work…Our landlord said we just needed to to replace the filter…HA! We replaced the filter, which by the way hadn’t been replaced in like, TWO DECADES…and what happens? Oh yes finally!!! NO HEAT. Mother fucker. (the heater, not the landlord.) So I have to call to have someone come in and check it. Of course our heater wouldn’t work when we have the COLDEST Fall EVER. It practically snowed in San Francisco this week. It was so damn cold, I’m surprised it didn’t. SO it’s cold, I’m still sick, and I have MAJOR cabin fever. I want to be better and I want to be warm!!!

The Sky Is Burping

I was graciously woken up at 4:15 AM to the beautiful sounds of thunder rolling through the sky…I’ve been waiting for this soo long, and I just wish that rain was here to accompany it. Living in California, this doesn’t last long and every moment is so damn special. I’m lying in the dark, anxiously awaiting each burst of light to hear the beautiful sounds of the sky…