Have I Ever Told You…

That I have the cutest niece and nephew on the face of the planet? (blood related, that is.) I was fortunate to spend Thanksgiving with these two, and I am so grateful that their parents allowed me hug and kiss and tickle the cuteness out of them. Tyler is so in love with his little sister, it makes my heart skip a beat. I look forward to the day they love my children with the same enthusiasm. (Although that will be a LONG LONG LONG time from now!)

How To Make Me Melt

My Dad called me this afternoon while I was at work…

“The little one misses you.” So, he hands the phone over to my nephew…”Aunt Adrienne, will you pick me up and take me home? I want you to pick me up and take me home!”



Drunk Little Man

Moving back up to the Bay Area was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have since been able to watch my nephew grow up into a little man, a crazy, somewhat..um…interesting(?) little man. Every moment that I share with him is heaven, as I believe I have mentioned before. But really, he is the light of my life and I am so ecstatic that he has come into my life. I may not be able to understand every other word he says, and his temper may not exactly be “acceptable” but he is the cutest thing on this earth since sliced cheese.

I picked him up tonight from my parent’s house and my mother gave him M&M’s for the car ride to my sister’s house. M&M’S!!! MOM, ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!?!? I swear, she is. He MAY or MAY NOT have had a nap today…my mother did not divulge any misstep while under her care. So, let me tell you. He devoured the rest of the candy like Barney the fucking purple dinosaur was out to eat him, and immediately started to crash into a sugar coma. NO!!! I could not let that happen!

Of course, me being the “aunt”, the “childless woman”, I decided that he was not allowed to sleep on the car ride to his parents’ home. I blasted that Veggie Tales CD so loud, and screamed at the top of my lungs “TYLER!!!! DO NOT GO TO SLEEP!!! SIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!!”

“You’re big! I’m little. My head only comes to your middle, But I say little guys can do big things too!”

He totally was half asleep and would sing with his eyes closed. I know it’s mean that I kept him from sleeping, but he always becomes super cranky when he sleeps in my car, and well, that’s just LAME. So every time I saw his eyes close and his head droop, I’d scream “NO! WAKE UP AND SING!!!” He’d open his eyes and flash me that drunken smile…and start to sing again. I swear, I had tears streaming down my face – it was so goddamn cute!

So say of me what you will, but he was fine when I parked the car and we raced up to his apartment. All in all, I would say that I’m a pretty rad aunt with the COOLEST nephew ever. I love my nugget.

All You Need Is Wubs

Thank you Beatles, for sharing your gift of song to the world. Thanks to Starbucks, my nephew learned the song “All You Need Is Love”…However he hasn’t quite mastered speaking clearly yet, so “love” is now “wubs”…Doesn’t matter because when he sings that song with you, WUBS IS ALL YOU NEED.

Santa! Santa! Santa!!!!!!

This is the first year that my nephew has really had a grasp of Christmas and who Santa Claus is…Let me tell you…for a little boy who’s response is always “But we NEED to buy this!!!”, waiting for presents from Santa is EXTREMELY difficult.

He’s only 3 and 1/2.

I spent the night at my sister and brother in law’s place last night, and was very happy to experience the Nugget’s first “cognisant” Christmas. He could NOT wait to open up his presents. Getting him to bed was difficult for my sister, but when she warned him that a certain “boogie man” might come over if he didn’t fall asleep, he closed his eyes almost right away. After finally opening Santa’s presents in the morning, he turned towards the Christmas Tree and said “But we NEED more presents under the Christmas Tree!!” His dad then replied, “Well, do you want to return this presents and get new ones?” What does Tyler say, “Yes Daddy!”

Oh geez. They have created a MONSTER.

As we waited for my parents to arrive at the other grandparents’ home, Tyler was so fussy, asking “Can we open presents now????” So impatient that boy, but when you look at his face, it’s so hard to say no! Would you be able to?