I finally succumbed to watching Dexter. .I have begun at the beginning, and I cannot wait to catch up with everyone else! I “borrowed” my friend’s first season DVD’s, and I had them for a few days too long…So returned the set, and checked on his dog (I had forgotten the day before) and this is how I left them…

Three’s Company

Me: Come and knock on my door!

Tyler: No I don’t want knock on youw doow.

Me: I’ve been waiting for you!

Tyler: Don’t wait for me. Bop!

(Bop = stop)

As I keep singing the theme song to Three’s Company, my nephew just becomes even more irritated in the car…However…we get home and after playing with his toys for a bit we hear from his room…”Come and knock on my doow!!!” and he comes out to do a little performance for us. HA HA HA!

No more singing Veggie Tales songs!!! Muahaha

Christian Boys, Beware of Mormon Crickets

Watching the Goode Family right now, and EVERY POSSIBLE STEREOTYPE of who I am is being made fun of. Not the greatest show, but possibly the funniest thing I have seen all day.

Bliss: “That’s my virginity?!?!?”

Dad: “And that’s the Reverend…I don’t want to marry my daughter!” (throws ABSTINENCE RING)

Bliss: “I don’t want to marry my Dad! Oh God, Mom was right. “

Dad: “I know, com one. Let’s get out of here”

Bliss: “Aah!”

Dad: “What is it?”

Bliss: “Treyvon’s doing an ambush documentary, he’s going to put it on youtube!”

Dad: “Documentary, Ugh God!”

Bliss: “I don’t believe this!”

Dad: “I cannot be seen here. I work in academia! I’ll never live this down!”

Bliss: “Well try being in high school. I’m a vegan for god sakes! I’ve reached my weirdo tipping
point! None of this would have happened if Mom hadn’t been so gung-ho about me having sex.”

cut to scene outside…

Dad: “We made it!”

Bliss: “where’s Ubuntu?” (looking for their emergency ride, her WHITE African-American adopted brother)

Reverend steps out…”Oh Hello! You work at the college right? I would love to ask you a few questions on tape. Oh Treyvon! Oh this way Treyvon, bring your camera over here!”

Bliss: “Look it’s the virgin from American Idol by the water fountain!”

AND they get in the car and drive away from the crazy Christians wearing USA flag pins and fathers holding their daughters virginity.