It’s Been Too Long My Love

I’ve been so terrible at blogging…So much for me being a professional blogger! After Canada, I just kind of looked at my computer and went “eh…I don’t feel like it.” Facebook and Surf The Channel took over and everything else just fell onto the back burner…I really want to blog more, so this it. I will TRY to blog at least once or twice a week…Hopefully it can get it me into the swing of things and I’ll start posting more often. For now, I have some new possibilities and I really hope they work out well! One of those new possibilities…His smile just makes me giggle 🙂

Well hello, Internet…

I usually post to Facebook, however I’ve decided to bare my soul to you, THE INTERNET. I have been afraid to write things that STRANGERS will read, but I think I will be OK. Blogging is all the rage now, and I have totally been inspired by the ones that have paved the way for us new and future bloggers.

At the moment, I am catching up on the life of Heather B. Armstrong, the one and only DOOCE. Introduced by my sister, I quickly fell in love because of one post, Lions and tigers and spiders . I immediately knew that Dooce would be a person I would follow, even though she lives in UTAH. A strong and funny chick, I am inspired by her strength and honesty, and her ability to speak freely about her struggles with depression, and dealing with crazy family members, ALL WORTH MENTIONING ON THE THAT THAR INTERNET THANG. 🙂

So, Internet, please be nice to me. I like you. A lot.