Baby Giraffe Meets…Baby Giraffe!!!

                                  (photo courtesy of the San Francisco Giants)

Giants first baseman Brandon “Baby Giraffe” Belt meets his namesake! Thank you to the San Francisco Giants Facebook page for posting this photo! I just wish that the baby was at the San Francisco Zoo so that my bestie (who just happens to be the giraffe keeper there!) could have been the one to introduce them! 🙂


Please Like

Tonight’s Giants Game supported LGBT youth.  I was so proud to be there tonight (although sad that we lost to the Cubs) and so proud to see the Giants’ It Gets Better video on the jumbo screen.  As I checked Facebook back at home, I noticed a friend liked a link for the Montgomery- Duban family. I admire their courage, and enthusiasm for life and love. Go to Facebook and like their page!

From The White House…

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for not poking fun at my Giants. Thank you, for not mentioning Brian Wilson’s beard, Timmy’s hair or strikingly hot body, or the fact that we’ve come a long way since New York…

OK, in all seriousness…How handsome are our Giants?!?!? I am very happy to report that not one Giants player has been struck with the ugly stick. I wish I could have been there, in that room to bask in the glory that is the World Championship of Baseball at THE WHITE HOUSE. WITH THE PRESIDENT! I do have to ask tho, Matt Cain – Why didn’t you smile at all??? Kruk, Kuip, Miller…Where are you???? Amy G? Flemming? Bip Roberts? Why didn’t they have better shots of all of the team? Seriously Mr. President, why can’t your media team show more than just 10 minutes??? I love my Giants, and I would like to see more of them, thank you very much!