Have I Ever Told You…

That I have the cutest niece and nephew on the face of the planet? (blood related, that is.) I was fortunate to spend Thanksgiving with these two, and I am so grateful that their parents allowed me hug and kiss and tickle the cuteness out of them. Tyler is so in love with his little sister, it makes my heart skip a beat. I look forward to the day they love my children with the same enthusiasm. (Although that will be a LONG LONG LONG time from now!)

Because I Am Thankful…

A family member of mine has been posting on facebook what she is thankful for every day since November 1. Taking note from her, I will from this day forward do the same, until the end of the month. So, since it has been 14 days, here are 14 things that I am thankful for:

14. Major League Baseball. I bleed orange and black.
13. Ikea!!!!!! Bringing me closer to my roots, hehehe.
12. Cherry Carmex.
11. Reading Rainbow. Because of you and my sister, I never leave home without a good book.
10. The Muni bus drivers. Keeping me safe from sleeping passengers and moth balls.
9. Gabrielle Reece. She’s my idol.
8. The Television industry. Keeping my nightly calendar full 🙂
7. Pepperidge Farms…Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, little fishies into my mouth!
6. Rain. Too many dry, sunny days make Adrienne a dull girl.
5. The sun, the moon, the stars…From them, art, music and life is born.
4. My nieces and nephews…I can’t image a life without your smiles and your giggles!
3. My boyfriend. You are my heart and soul.
2. My best friends. Without you, I would not know warmth.
1. My family. Without them, I am alone. 

Please Like

Tonight’s Giants Game supported LGBT youth.  I was so proud to be there tonight (although sad that we lost to the Cubs) and so proud to see the Giants’ It Gets Better video on the jumbo screen.  As I checked Facebook back at home, I noticed a friend liked a link for the Montgomery- Duban family. I admire their courage, and enthusiasm for life and love. Go to Facebook and like their page!

My New Light…

I simply cannot stop staring at this little one.  I stopped by my sister’s place this evening and spent some great one-on-one time with Ellie, and let me tell you! Ellie is probably the funniest little baby I have ever met.  The faces she makes are so cute and so ridiculous, she makes my cheeks hurt.  When I left my sister’s place, I was nothing but smiles and nothing could get me down.  I just love this little one!!!

Pops It’s Your Birthday!

It’s days like these that remind me how lucky I am. Today my father is SEVENTY-ONE years old. 71! Damn, he’s old. 😉   We took him to a local restaurant for lunch, and enjoyed watching my 5 year old nephew freak out to Cars 2 trailers on the iPad. Not HIS iPad of course…Well, he THINKS it’s his. Back to my topic, me, lucky. I look at my father, whom I call Papa (as in paw-paw), and I feel as though I am the luckiest girl in the world, and no one else knows what it feels like to have a father. (of course, they do. But still.) My Papa is such a great guy. Always so positive, always so awesome. He has been supportive of me for 28 years, and will continue to be supportive and encourage for many, many years to come. He always knows how to make me smile, make me laugh. We share a love of watching cooking shows together, Sam Adams beer, and of course, arguing about politics. He’s Republican, and I’m well… He likes calling me a crazy leftest Liberal. Two peas in a pod, eh? No matter what, he’s my papa, and I love him like bread loves butter. With all of my butt. Because my butt is bigger than my heart. Hehehe 🙂

This August he says hello to his second grandchild, my new niece, Ellie Mia. Talking about a new child in the family makes his eyes sparkle, and I can tell he will spoil the crap out of this little girl. She will get to know his smile, the sparkle in his eye, the wrath of his tickling, and his list of nicknames that he never stops adding to.  And she will know his love. His never ending, unconditional (even when you say like Pelosi), and stronger than steel, love.

Papa, today you are 71, and still the #1 man in my life. I love you. Spending lunch with you today was a great way to start out the holiday weekend. Thank you!


Your Punkette

And You Thought You Knew Me…

I used to go to my sister’s place almost every weekend towards the end of my high school career.  First thing to do on my list, besides go to In-N-Out, was to watch TOP GUN & PRETTY WOMAN on Laserdisc.  Yeah, I said it. LASERDISC! I thought that we were the coolest people ever because we had to stop watching the film in the middle to flip the disc over. Nice, huh?

Now you know how cool I am.