Because I Am Thankful…

A family member of mine has been posting on facebook what she is thankful for every day since November 1. Taking note from her, I will from this day forward do the same, until the end of the month. So, since it has been 14 days, here are 14 things that I am thankful for:

14. Major League Baseball. I bleed orange and black.
13. Ikea!!!!!! Bringing me closer to my roots, hehehe.
12. Cherry Carmex.
11. Reading Rainbow. Because of you and my sister, I never leave home without a good book.
10. The Muni bus drivers. Keeping me safe from sleeping passengers and moth balls.
9. Gabrielle Reece. She’s my idol.
8. The Television industry. Keeping my nightly calendar full πŸ™‚
7. Pepperidge Farms…Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, little fishies into my mouth!
6. Rain. Too many dry, sunny days make Adrienne a dull girl.
5. The sun, the moon, the stars…From them, art, music and life is born.
4. My nieces and nephews…I can’t image a life without your smiles and your giggles!
3. My boyfriend. You are my heart and soul.
2. My best friends. Without you, I would not know warmth.
1. My family. Without them, I am alone. 


Whip What

My sister knew how excited I was to watch Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut, WHIP IT. So, she recommended that I read the book. I did, and I totally loved it. It was just so sweet, so funky, and so a teenager trying to be cool. I loved it! I totally felt for Bliss. Her yearning to be in a different place, feel something new. The joy in meeting a new boy to just go crazy silly for. Then the heart ache. Oh the heart ache. It sucked and made me want to cry. Boys suck balls!

Now, I’m done reading the book and I really want to watch the movie, which I have to watch at my sister’s place bc she has the DVD…and it’s Blu-Ray. Mother fucker. I’m not so lucky to be up with the Jones’ πŸ˜‰ and have all those cool gadgets…(OK, so I have some. But not that one. I’m the kettle. My name is Black.) I start watching it, and I can immediately notice the differences between the film and the book. I knew that the author of the book also wrote the screenplay. I was expecting the film to share the same emotion and teen angst that Ms. Cross exposed in her book. What did I see? Nothing. Boring, lame, quiet, nothingness. It felt so long, but as the audience, we missed out on all the secret inside jokes shared between Bliss and Pash. We missed how strong their friendship is.

Oliver. Where do I start. Physically wrong. And the whole SeΓ±or Smolder wasn’t even mentioned! In the book, you get the idea that he’s this mysterious, oh-so-hot, make your knees go week and you need to change your underwear the moment you lock eyes with him. The dude they chose for the film, and his debut was less than stellar. It sucked ass.

I’m just bummed that Drew Barrymore, a chick that I think is so rad and I really admire how she turned her life around, disappointed me with this cool story. All in all, great actresses in the film, but bad movie. Check out the book. SO MUCH BETTER!