Smarty Stanford Pants

So…I grew up on the Peninsula in the Bay Area…right next to Stanford University. My father even worked there before he got MS, so I spent a lot of time on campus. Yesterday, I was looking for their recycling center…I thought I knew where it was, but my stupid iPhone app sent me on wild goose chase. So after driving in circles I decided to look where I THOUGHT IT WAS IN THE FIRST PLACE. (so yes, that’s me being dumb) However…as I was driving in circles, I stopped many people asking where I could find it.

DID YOU KNOW… Stanford students and professors are so lame they don’t even know that their school, Stanford University, has a recycling center? I live in such a hippie area, an area where green, eco-friendly is the coolest thing since Elvis, and what do I get? Smart people being completely stupid. I mean, come on! With saving the earth and being nice to the environment on most people’s minds, wouldn’t you think that Stanford would put a paper in their welcome package about their recycling center? Posters? A blurb in their e-newsletter? Their printed newspaper? SOMETHING!!!! No. Of course not. They believe that their students and professors are smart enough to just KNOW these things. LAME.


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